Green Timber Investments
Green Timber Investments is a unique Limited Partnership. We are turning deforested property in Costa Rica back into rainforest for investors by planting and growing one crop of high-value tropical hardwoods. Our partnership will:

  • purchase agricultural land in Costa Rica;
  • plant, care for, and harvest one crop of investment trees;
  • sequester Carbon by reforesting the property; and
  • help to build a new profitable reforestation industry.

We will turn pasture to plantation and plantation back to rainforest by taking advantage of a sound investment opportunity. The world’s supplies of tropical timber are running low as natural stores are exhausted. Demographic and consumption trends point towards ever-increasing demand over the next decades.

By planting new stocks of these highly valuable tropical hardwoods now, we can position our investors to benefit from these trends while working to fight global deforestation and climate change, and providing habitat for endangered species like the Jaguar and the Scarlet Green Macaw.

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