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Relax. Welcome to Reach Retreats! Reach Retreats are designed specifically for women, by women as a getaway where you can unwind, find solace, and have some fun! Women from around the world. . . by themselves, or with a group of girlfriends. . . come to RELAX, kick up their feet, and let someone else make the bed!

Rejuvenate. At Reach Retreats our ultimate goal is to empower women by helping you find and create more balance in your life. Current research is showing that women are not only less happy and satisfied with our lives than we were 30 years ago, we also are less healthy and more stressed than ever! Reach Retreats' goal is to change those facts. We believe that by REJUVENATING your mind, body and spirit, you will return home both happier and healthier!

Revive. We believe that taking the time for self-discovery and awareness benefits not only you, but your family, friends, and employer too! You will return home a REVIVED mom, partner, and employee with a renewed focus on where your life is headed!
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